Self-Help for Anxiety 

This exercise can be used in a variety of circumstances as a quick way to settle anxiety. It might be used prior to doing an anxiety-provoking presentation; or at work when job demands become overwhelming. It can be useful as a time-out from pressure, at work or in relationships. It might be used before going to sleep, as a way of settling the mind prior to going to bed.

Anxiety is ungrounding. It can range from a free-floating feeling throughout the body to a sudden shooting energy up into the head. This exercise can help manage both kinds of anxiety by grounding the head and grounding the body at once..It can help to reduce obsessive, compulsive rumination. It can bring us back to the body as a resource..

Context is everything,: it is important to  pick the circumstances in which to use the exercise,, ie, when it might benefit you most, but it’s simple to use at work or at home..

It consists of taking the stance runner’s use to stretch their calves. It should take the same amount of time. Alternate one leg and then the other. Rest your forehead into your forearm, or the crook of your  elbow with your arm  braced against the wall,  first one arm, then the other. Take your time.. 

I am always interested in reactions and feedback to my exercises (but only if you’ve tried them). I am happy to answer questions related to the exercise.

—Jim Ross (