The Re-Education of the Body

The Re-Education of the Body

The Re-Education of the BodyThe Re-Education of the Body


                   The Eyes: Coming back to the Body, Coming into the Present

This is a simple exercise, but effective in many contexts. It might be useful if one is locked in recurring thoughts, compulsive rumination or repetitive feeling states. It can be a surprise, at times, to come back into the world and back to the body—or, in other words, to wake up into the present moment.

The following could be done in the confines of a room, but it would be useful if there is a window with a view of the outside world; or it could be done outside, perhaps with a view of the horizon:

Look at the farthest point in the room, or, better still, at the farthest point outside of a window. Take a moment to really see it, slowly breathing in, and slowly exhaling. Then look at something close by. See it, inhaling slowly, and then exhaling.

Let your eyes return to the farthest point once more. Inhale slowly, imagining that you can inhale what you see with your eyes. Exhale slowly.

Repeat this several times.

Perhaps other issues emerge for you when you do this. Does it feel safe when you are more present in the world? What does it feel like to come out of your head and back to your senses, literally?

Uses as a Boundary Exercise

Look at something close up, and focus on it as you slowly exhale. Inhale as you look at something distant. When you exhale, look at what is close and feel your breath pushing out, creating space for you. Can you imagine doing that when present with a difficult person in your life? Could it aid you in holding your own ground?  

It’s an exercise. It might be useful for some people and not others.Try it and see if it it’s useful.